a gluten-free sandwich bread recipe that worked!

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Recipe | Gluten-Free French Bread from Simply Gluten-Free 

My notes are below.
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I’ve tried 4 different gluten-free sandwich bread recipes over the course of the past 3 weeks. Every, single one of them was magically delicious (and none went to waste), but only this last one really passed the ‘sandwich’ bread test. Now that I know it works (even without a full moon or high tide), I will make more than 1 atta time to make the most of the time investment.

Moist, airy, crunchy crust, no odd aftertaste. Just good bread!



The first time I made the recipe, I switched some of the flours around. Don’t. This time I left them as she wrote, and the taste is much better.

The recipe calls for 2 eggs, slightly beaten. I used 3 eggs. I separated 2 of the whites and whipped them until just past foamy but not quite soft peaks. Eggs are a natural leavener, and I wanted more “sponge” than I achieved on my first attempt. (This variable will be controlled for on my 3rd try to see if the outcome is different.)

The dough is very sticky. When in the mixer, little bits sprayed out of the bowl and flung across the backsplash, me, the walls, the floor. Whoa! The 2nd time I made it, I didn’t set the mixer ALL the way to high. Just to medium. Also, as soon as the dough starts moving your mixer across the counter, that was enough time in my estimation (prob about 1 min 45 secs). It can be very dangerous to be holding a spatula, trying to steady the mixer and then reaching up to turn it off. Of course, my mixer was a wedding gift 18 years ago – so it could be the mixer and not the dough ata all!! :0

I didn’t add melted butter to the top.

I used non-stick olive oil cooking spray rather than corn meal.

The original recipe is for making 2 loaves of french bread. I made 1 loaf in a regular bread pan. I kept the cooking temp the same, but added about 15-20 mins of cooking time. Just keep an eye on it – the crust will tell you when it’s done. Not all ovens cook the same.




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